So you’ve got yourself a 360° Virtual Tour of your business on your Google My Business listing page.  Way to stand out for the crowd, and give your prospective customers and clients an immersive experience as if they were physically there at your location!

Now that you have this fantastic piece of media, what do you do with it?  Well, here’s a few ways to market your Google Streetview Virtual Tour.

1. Publish it on Google My Business & Google Maps

Google My Business is a business directory listing that is published on Google Search and Google Maps.  It usually contains location information, such as hours, phone number, and customer reviews.  Still photographs and virtual tours will be published in this area.  By giving your virtual tour photographer administrative access to your Google My Business listings, they’ll be able to upload the photos and affiliate it with your account!

2. Use the Embed Button from Google My Business

Google Virtual Tours provides the ability to embed your published tour onto virtually any website or social media you would like.  From your virtual tour, will need to click on the Menu on the top left of the tour:

Link:  By clicking on the Link tab you’ll be able to display the URL in which you can email or post on any marketing material.  Feel free to use the URL shortener (check the box).

Embed Image: By click on the Embed image tab, you’ll be able to copy and paste the tour onto your website or social media like Facebook.

3.  Websites to Post.  Need a few ideas?  

  • Facebook Posts and Business/Company Page (using the 360° file or URL)
  • Instagram (screenshot of the tour and post on your profile link)
  • Twitter (URL only)
  • MLS (Real Estate Agents only; URL only)
  • Yelp For Business Page (URL only)
  • Company Website (use the Embed Code)

4. Relevant Email or Print Marketing Material

If you utilize print marketing and or email marketing, be sure to utilize the virtual tour URL in your announcements, such as grand opening, or seasonal change to the location.

5.  Email Signature

Create a hyper link to your virtual tour in your email signature line. For example:

6. Use in your SMS marketing

If applicable, send the URL link in your SMS marketing in your creative promotions.

7. Industry Specific Uses

  • Museums and Theme Parks – show an immersive tour of your latest attractions and galleries
  • Weddings & Event Venues – give prospective couples or event coordinators a 360° preview of your event space prior to visitation
  • Retail Stores – take advantage of seasonal displays (ie. Summer or Winter line)
  • Restaurants – show the ambiance and vibe that your restaurant brings
  • Hospital/Medical & Commercial Office Space – show pride in your professional accommodations
  • Construction & Engineering – show progress and updates of construction process