Similar to an open house and or showing of a listing, it’s important to prepare your property to be at it’s best condition.  When preparing for a 3D Matterport photo session, the same rules and preparation apply.  Here’s are 5 Top Things to Prepare before a 3D Matterport photo session.

1. Cleanliness of Property

  • If currently occupied, please advise residents/tenants to clean the property.
  • Clean smudges off windows, mirrors and shiny appliances
  • exterior (entrance, backyard, patio) that will be photographed, ensure it is clean, swept.
  • arrange furniture, clear off desks, kitchen counters and nightstands
  • clear walk-in closets and walk-in pantrys, or at least organize to be presentable
  • hide/organize cables from computer, televisions, etc
  • clean fireplace
  • beds should be made; recommend staged with decorative bedding and pillows
  • keep trash cans (inside and outside of site)
  • optional: please communicate to photographer/account manager what rooms you want to avoid from including in the tour. Doors to these omitted rooms must be shut during photography

2. Hide Personalized Items.
Virtual tours help tell a story to potential buyers, virtually putting them into the room or space they are touring.  Part of the experience is to un-personalize the property (even if it’s just temporary for the photoshoot):

  • Hide personal items from shelving (ie. knick knacks, photos)
  • Remove family photos
  • Hide pet items
  • Hide children proof items (door knob protectors)
  • Remove towels, soap and personal cleaning items from bathrooms

3. Lighting
Ensure all lights bulbs and lighting throughout the house are ON and work.
For windows, please ensure photographer has access to open/close blinds or curtains to allow for appropriate lighting.

4. Moving Items
Turn off fans, or any moving items. Our cameras take long exposures and will result in a blurry shop.

5. Accommodate for the Photographer

  • 3D Matterport sessions take about 1 hour per 1000 square feet.  Please plan accordingly with your account manager/photographer.
  • during summer, please keep air conditioning on during duration of photo session.